Make Your Driveway Look Distinctive

A driveway serves as a welcome mat when we arrive from our work or vacation. It is a our pathway to our home and is sometimes first seen by our guests when they also came. Most homeowners would design it in various ways, such as a curved and winding driveway, hidden among the shrubs, be a broad expanse, and many more.

Whatever its design may be, the driveway provides many landscaping opportunities to improve your home and its aspects. Though there are many things to consider when you design it, like the drainage you’ll use, soil stability, and weather in your area, various materials and techniques are available to help you create a distinctive driveway for your home. 



Concrete though common is much more versatile and aesthetic than most people think. It comes with different kinds wherein it can be shaped, colored, textured, and embedded with aggregates for a more composite look. 

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Meanwhile, some homeowners opt for concrete pavers that are pre-formed using molds to create a pebbled surface. Concrete driveways can also be designed to look like a stone, cobble, or brick by stamping or imprinting a pattern on them.


The brick is one of the simplest of all paving and patio materials to use in your driveway. It comes in regular forms, standard sizes, and various colors. Bricks offer a non-slip surface for cars and people hence great for those families with children. Like cobblestones, flagstones, or pavers, bricks should be arranged in a bed of stone that is topped with sand bedding. 

Some homeowners creatively craft a geometric pattern that is repeated along the driveway. For vintage homes, you can try to imitate patterns from photos of historical places to match them to your home design. 

Bricks can be bought at your local foundries and demolition companies. Using bricks has advantages, such as it can easily be replaced, designed, and cleaned. 



A stone driveway is not only easy to maintain but will also make your driveway look stunning. Depending on the appearance you like for your driveway, you can make your stone driveway with any color stone such as white, dark, grey, and black to match with the design.

To see and choose from available colors, you can visit your local stone shop, landscaped yard, or quarry. Once there, you can ask for assistance to know which can be mixed and matched well for a more colorful look. 

Avoid using round stones as they tend to roll down if placed on high areas. A good stone for your driveway should have angles to stay to see and choose from available colorsYou in place.

Whatever kind of stone you pick for your driveway, you must be prepared to re-stone it each year to maintain its surface. Though a handful sometimes, using stone for your driveway provides excellent drainage and a modern look to your home. 


Compressed Earth

If you love a rustic and natural feel to your home, then using compressed earth is perfect for you. This kind of driveway is also great to match with country homes. The secret to this design is by maintaining the grass found between the tracks and the sides of your driveway. 

Using this look provides great drainage to along the sides as it encourages pooling when it rains. Another great alternative is by laying strips of concrete where tire tracks lay while also maintaining the greenery between and the sides of the track. 



Pavers provide an elegant and classy look to your driveway. They are created to withstand a vehicle’s weight and the weather in your area. Like the rest of the materials, they are also laid in sand bedding. The only difference is that they interlock to provide a perfect, stable fit.

Pavers come in various kinds of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures. They are very easy to maintain and also provides drainage to your driveway If you love intricate and classy design, then using pavers to your driveway will be a perfect match to you.